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Gandalf stands on high and Thorin Oakenshield cuts a dramatic sword-wielding pose, but it's the giant sculpture of Azog that's now getting my attention.

The new beast of a statue, which has showcased by the WETA Workshop at last year's Comic-Con, now retails for $699, making him the most expensive statue so far in this line of statues...

Hardly surprising! Check out this incredible piece of artistry, weighing in at almost 30 lbs:

More than 2 ft long and 17 inches tall, my guess is that Azog looks incredibly menacing when posed with his arch enemy, Thorin Oakenshield... Or indeed any of the Dwarves in the series.

It's fantastic to see the full pattern of the scaring on his body, too, which is also mirrored in the scars upon the great White Warg. It really makes Azog stand out among the other Orc creations out there and gives us a whole new perspective to his title... We're pretty sure Azog The Defiler didn't get his name by throwing tea parties...

Having been scared absolutely sh*tless at the part in An Unexpected Journey where the dwarves are cornered on a cliff edge by a rather nasty band of undesirables led by Azog, I can definitely say I'm pleased to see this nasty as a smaller-than-life figure.

What are your thoughts on WETA's Azog figure? If you're toying with the idea of taking him home (that's a scary thought...) then you might want to get in there quick - only 500 pieces have been made worldwide!

(Source: TheOneRing)


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