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The Pirate Fairy is the upcoming Disney movie that takes the story of Peter Pan and puts a twist on it.

Tinkerbell and her fellow fairies are surprised to meet a new reckless fairy called Zarina. Zarina (who is voiced by Christina Hendricks) does not seem to be like the other fairies, and their suspicions are confirmed when she steals their all-important pixie dust and takes it to join the ragged band of pirates from Skull Rock, led by the fearsome Captain Hook.

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Watch in this new video as Tom Hiddleston - who played Loki in the Thor movies - sings a song for The Pirate Fairy about what will happen when the pirates are able to make their ship fly with the aid of the pixie dust.

See the video here:

So what do you think? Will this movie ascend to the heavens or struggle to get off the ground? And has Disney made too many Tinkerbell films, or is the world of Never Never Land endlessly fascinating? Write in below with your thoughts.

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