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Warning: Spoilers for The Walking Dead, Episode 14 "The Grove" to follow.

The shock waves from Sunday's episode of The Walking Dead continue to reverberate, with many fans -- myself included -- still trying to comprehend exactly what they witnessed.

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The episode was shocking even for this show's normally brutal standards as not one, but two kids were murdered in cold blood. And it seems even some of the cast were worried about how dark the storyline would be.

According to showrunner Scott Gimple, Andrew Lincoln, who plays Rick on the show, expressed his concerns before filming began:

I was coming into Atlanta for prep on this episode, and I landed and I had a text from Andrew, who had also already called me. And the text said, “Just read your script, I really need to talk to somebody.” And yeah, he was asking, “Are we gonna do this?”

So what exactly was Lincoln worried about?

It wasn't out of fear that he was asking that. It was out of hope that we could tell the story the way we wanted to. So few of the cast was in the script, but I got all these emails and texts just so excited to see this episode and so into the story we were telling.

"The Grove" certainly stands as one of the most memorable - and brutal - episodes we've ever seen on The Walking Dead. The storyline was really controversial so it's no surprise the cast was excited about it.

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Unfortunately the bloodshed is not finished as according to Gimple there's more to come in the final two episodes:

Both episodes are really big episodes. There are some insane things that happen. There are some tragic things that happen, There are some things that happen that are hopeful. And there is just some remarkably dark stuff. And stories crashing together.

Bring it on!

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