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Game of Thrones Season 4 will arrive on HBO on April 6th. It is HBO's biggest ever show, in terms of both viewers and scale. But how did it come to exist?

Well now in anticipation of the coming Season 4 debut, the makers of the hit show have released this 5-minute featurette detailing the story of the creation of Game of Thrones.

Narrated by Charles Dance aka Tywin Lannister, the video answers questions you wouldn't even know to ask. Check it out, and discover:

- How two guys who had never written any TV or film or much of anything got to create HBO's biggest show.

- Why it could never be a movie

- The test that George R.R. Martin made them take before allowing them to adapt his novels

- Martin's wife's one piece of advice (Don't Fuck it up)

and finally

- The "Massive Problem" they were told they had when they first screened the show

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Watch the video here:

So let us know: are you looking forward to the show? Which of the main characters do you think will die this season? And can you give the answer to George R.R. Martin's test: who is Jon Snow's mother?

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Who is Jon Snow's mother?


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