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The characters of The Walking Dead have been wandering about in small groups ever since they split up after abandoning the prison in the mid-season finale.

Since then, we have seen new characters introduced, met a suspicious group of strangers who might be cannibals, Daryl and Beth have got drunk together and Beth was kidnapped.

But last Sunday's episode might have outdone them all.

Regular viewers of the show (and especially those who has read the comics) have known that something was wrong with Lizzie for some time. Wherever she went, gory displays of gutted rats would appear. Even still, when she lost it completely, many were shocked that such a popular TV show could get so dark.

Lizzie killed her sister, Mika. When she was discovered, she made the deranged excuse that it was okay because she hadn't hurt the brain. Her sister would come back.

It was left to Tyresse and Carol to do what had to be done. And only Carol was strong enough.

Now, Melissa McBride, who plays Carol on the show has spoken about when she was first told what was going to happen.

Well, it was a bit of a mystery when [it was] first mentioned. He said that Carol would be required to do something very difficult and I was thinking, oh dear, maybe there’s a scuffle between her and Tyreese. I had no idea. And then when I did read the episode and was going along and seeing how messed up Lizzie was…to answer your question, it was just devastating and heartbreaking. Period.

She was also asked whether she thought Carol had done the right thing. She replied:

I think there is no way to say it’s right or wrong. It’s unfortunate, but what she did had to be done in her mind. And Tyreese agreed. He understood these difficult decisions need to be made and there was no choice to do this if we were to keep going with Judith. It’s so tragic, and it’s by no fault of her own. That’s what is so horrible. But this world, she just wouldn’t do well in this world, and it would make it so difficult to survive with her for long. That’s no life for her, and it’s dangerous for other people. I think she just did what needed to be done.

But what do you think? Was Carol right to kill Lizzie? Did she have another option? And was this the darkest episode of The Walking Dead you have ever seen?

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What would you have done if you had found Lizzie with the knife?


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