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Walking Dead season five is set to come back! On October 12th 1014 at around 8 pm on AMC and I am sure it will be followed by the Talking Dead which is so much fun too!

After seeing the trailer my reaction was WOW! and YEA!

  • Beth is alive! Beth is alive but looks to be in not a great situation by any means. She looks to be in a hospital were they are holding her.
  • Terminus seems like a bad place, a very bad place. In fact, I have a feeling they are the cannibals and it looks in the trailer if you look closely they kill Bob for trying to get them to let them go? Not sure on that of course.
  • Judith and her Daddy are going to at least see each other again, which is so awesome!
  • Carol is cover with war looking paint at one point.
  • Maggie and Glen, there is alot of decision about her being pregnant or Glen dies; either way something is going to happen.
  • Daryl looks ready for a fight!

Is it October 12th yet????

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