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Freaks of Nature is the dumbest movie to be released in years. It is so outrageously idiotic, that it might even outdo the king of ridiculously stupid movies: Sharknado.

Even though we have only seen the trailers and some posters so far, they have given sufficient information to keep the intelligent audiences from ever watching it... or flocking in their droves to see the spectacle! The story makes absolutely no sense, the CGI effects look cheap, and are all over the place, and the humour is as sophisticated as the jokes of a truck driver. Still, if you don't take it seriously, you might even have a good time chuckling over it's silly moments.

The basic concept of the story is that vampires, zombies and humans live together in the town of Dillford, Ohio. They are fighting each other but they are co-existing, some of them even making friendships. If this isn't stupid enough, the film introduces the invading aliens who come to wreack havoc in the small mid-american town. What? Exactly. This level of stupidity reminds me of Warm Bodies, but that one at least kept to ruining only one genre. This flick sets out to destroy some of the greatest themes of horror films to this day. At least it seems like that so far. But let's not jump to that conclusion so soon. We have only been granted a little peak into the actual movie by the trailer, so it wouldn't be fair to put it straight into the dustbin yet. wrote this in an article regarding the release of the red band trailer:

Columbia Pictures is rolling out a new horror-comedy and the first official redband trailer for Freaks of Nature promises plenty of blood, guts, and laughs to go around. And a plot that's so crazy, it just might work.

Let's hope that it will work out, or if it won't at least we will have plenty of laughs over it. We will see how Freaks of Nature turns out when it hits theaters in October 30th, until then be sure to check out the trailer below for yourself:

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