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Since restarting in 2005, we've had a couple of old companions reappearing in the series, including, most famously, the late Elisabeth Sladen as Sarah Jane Smith, companion to the third and fourth Doctor, even going so far as to get her own spin-off show. We also had an appearance from Katy Manning in the previously mentioned spin-off, playing her companion to the third Doctor, Jo Grant. In the new series, however, we may be getting a new arrival of an old face from the Doctor's past.

Janet Fielding played Tegan Jovanka, a companion to the Fourth and Fifth Doctors, and a fan favourite. She is the longest serving companion on Doctor Who, and the actress uploaded a new photo to Twitter, possibly teasing a role in Peter Capaldi's first series.

The picture is of Fielding posing with Capaldi, who will be playing the thirteenth incarnation of the Doctor, with a mysterious message revealing only time will tell what is happening.

I'm hoping this means a return of Tegan to our television screens; she and Peter Davison (The Fifth Doctor) are my favourite on screen pair, and both my favourite companion and Doctor. We've had two other great companions appear, and even Peter Davison made his reappearance in the comic relief special Time Crash with David Tennant (the Tenth Doctor and Davison's son-in-law), so now I feel it's time for another to make a return.

Courtesy of the BBC
Courtesy of the BBC

What are your thoughts on Moffat bringing us back the classics? Are you excited for a return of a previous companion, or wish they'd focus on their newer characters? Also, which previous companion would you like to return? Let me know in the comments or on twitter over at @MrDrElectricon.


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