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I'm writing this because I wanted to write another editorial and my last one ( yay self promotion :D) seemed to do so well, so without further ado I give you my list of what classic 80's slasher monster would be a more modern version of what Universal Monster.

Freddy Krugger is Dracula

Taking the top spot on this list is the king of puns himself Freddy "Fred" Krugger my personal favorite slasher villain. I think that the connection between him and Dracula is obvious; he has the most personality of the 80's monsters, being the least physically concealed, they're both shapeshifters and the Nightmare films even employ more techniques of German expressionism then the other classic 80's slasher monsters much like the original "Dracula"; Nosferatu did.

Leatherface is Frankenstein's Monster

Initially I was going to put Jason in this comparison given like Frankenstein's monster and Dracula he and Freddy Krugger have been the source of numerous arguments of popularity and bad a**ity. HOWEVER I feel that in the sense of similarity Leatherface is closer to Frankenstein's Monster but this is subjective. I know the main argument is going to be that the franchise even had a Frankensteinesque ressurrection scene in part 6 Leatherface is still closer to Frank then Jason. Frankensteinlike Leatherface both use body parts of corpses and Leatherface and Frankenstein both have relations with patriarchal type figures (rather then Jason's matriarchal)

Michael Meyers is The Invisible Man

Like The Invisible Man I feel that Michael is the stealthiest of those on this list as he tends to take a shadowy and less blunt approach to his kills (at least in his earlier films) and like Griffin from The Invisible Man Michael has no motive besides insanity.

Jason Vorhees is The Creature from The Black Lagoon

The last comparison in this article sure has a lot of "splaining to do as I chose to compare him to the Creature from The Black Lagoon rather then the obvious. HOWEVER I feel that The Creature from The Black Lagoon better exemplifies Jason then any other Universal Classic Monster. Firstly, like The Creature, Jason tends to keep coming back to that Lake resurrecting in the actual Crystal Lake in most of his movies he also holds that specific location the most near and dear to him more then any other character on this list. True Michael has Haddonfield, Dracula has Transylvania, Freddy has Elm Street, Leatherface has The Buckner house BUT Jason in the bulk of his films hasn't strayed far from home in his lakeside home (hell even in Jason X his a** got to go back to Crystal Lake).

So, am I wrong? What other comparisons between Universal Movie Monsters could y'all make? I did kind of do this article sporadically but I'm curious what y'all think of it. As always share the love.


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