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With the announcement that The Incredibles would be making their way to a 3D release in theaters comes even bigger news that always seems to follow the announcement of 3D theater releases for Pixar films: a sequel! Today, Pixar announced that [The Incredibles 2](movie:673500) and [Cars 3](movie:1028628) are indeed in the works.

Walt Disney Company chief Bob Iger stated that Pixar plans to produce a third instalment of its Cars franchise, and a sequel for The Incredibles. The executive made the announcement during the company’s shareholders meeting in Portland, Oregon, providing few other details. How far down the road from the originals will the stories take place, though?

With The Incredibles 2, they could chose to go as far as to have Violet married to her boyfriend Tony with children of her own, Dash in college, and Jack-Jack facing his own social and superhero imbalances. Image this... Grandpa and Grandma Incredible. Would Syndrome return? Would the underminer be the new villain? Would we see new heroes? The possibilities for this high-hoped sequel are endlessly incredible.

Cars 3, on the other hand, has a bigger deal to settle than Incredibles does with audiences. Cars 2 absolutely bombed in ratings despite making decent box office. The intrigue and quality of the film pales in comparison to the Pixar masterpieces we've grown so accustomed to. Can Cars 3 sandwich this sequel with a successful film?

This follows Pixar's announcement to postpone 2014's film The Good Dinosaur to 2015 and the announcement of the Finding Nemo sequel [Finding Dory](movie:471757). We also know of another movie on the way called [Inside Out](movie:332779), to be told from the perspective of a girl as well as from the perspective of the personifed emotions within her head. An unknown movie based on Dia de los Muertos is also in the works, though very little is known about it. So it looks like Pixar is up to another busy - and masterful? - run.

Even better news. Original The Incredibles writer-director Brad Bird is writing the sequel for the superhero pic, Iger said. Bird is currently helming Disney’s live action [Tomorrowland](movie:731011) starring George Clooney, in theaters May 22, 2015.


Will The Incredibles 2 be even better than the original?

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