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I remember when I first saw The Incredibles. I had an absolute whale of a time. Granted I was younger than I am now but looking back, it remains that one of my all-time favorite Pixar films.

So to me it makes sense that they would decide to release a sequel (especially now). The superhero genre has well and truly taken off in the past few years. I'm not sure whether it's because everyone dreams they had a superpower (which everyone definitely does, whether or not they'll admit it) or just because superhero films are so much fun to watch. Whichever the reason, Pixar have all bases covered. The film is bound to be full of superpowered heroes (and villains?) and let's be honest, film's don't come much more fun than whenever they're preceded by that little bouncing desk lamp we've all grown to love.

The first film ended suitably open for potential continuation and my younger self dreamed many a dream of this announcement.

I wish I could say the same for [Cars 3](movie:1028628).

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