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With the release of some amazing concept art on ABC, we can actually learn an awful lot about the upcoming film. What can we all gather from some mere pictures? Well, with pictures like these there's not much they don't tell us. For one, the new concept art for [Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch](movie:1081109) tell us that the realm of science might just be at its edge now that some supernatural powers are at hand.

In Quicksilver's concept art, we see a robot army, which is a trademark feature of the upcoming villain Ultron. So this time instead of an invading army of aliens, we have an invading army of robots! Let's just hope they don't pull the old I, Robot or Star Wars Episode I trick on us where there is one central control facility that disables all the robots once destroyed.

Some kind of creation from Tony Stark is bigger, badder, and just as strong if not stronger than the Hulk. Is this something Ultron has facilitated, or did Iron Man make a new suit specifically when the time came that he'd need to try and subdue the Hulk from one of his rage fits? Its actually his Hulkbuster armor! But does that mean Tony Stark is definitely the guy inside?

Ultron's army completely devastates an entire city. That's much farther than what the Chitauri could accomplish, but is it a big enough step up for the sequel to one of the biggest blockbusters in history? [Black Widow Solo Movie](movie:1070824) is back, and she's wearing a SHIELD logo on her shoulder. Does that mean the rumors that SHIELD falls apart in Winter Soldier are fake, or has she just kept it for old time's sake?


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