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Wow….only two episodes left of The Walking Dead; can the last two overshadow “The Grove?” Without a doubt the last episode raised the bar extremely high and I expect nothing less in the last two episodes. Mid-season episodes have done a grand work of giving us the viewers the back stories of the current characters. In doing so they sent the message that each character plays such an integral part in making The Walking Dead a remarkable series.

Once more, the episode will start off with the individual groups…heck we the viewers may even get a look at what is happening with Rick/Michonne and Carl. The three will be in danger, because they will run into the group of men that Daryl is with. If you think about it they all seem to be in the same area and all are due to collide with the gang from the house as they reunite on the tracks toward Terminus. Daryl it seems will appear from the promo’s and it seems Daryl just may get a beat down from his new found friends and I write that loosely, friends that is. “When men like us follow rules, the world becomes ours,” Joe says in part of the sneak-peep. Daryl utters “there ain’t no rules no more.” Joe says “Well, teach him a lesson, gents.” Gents, which is an overstatement…Joe!

Glen with Tara, Abraham, Rosita and save-the-world scientist Eugene, Abraham is observe saying in the promo “tomorrow we go to the end of the line.” Another promo reveals Abraham and Tara in a conversation and Abraham informs Tara that he and Eugene will leave them after they find a car. Maybe that is why Glenn/Tara are walking toward a tunnel without the trio.One thing is certain, Eugene is a fake and he has no information that can cure the world of "walkers." Eugene will be revealed by Rick, maybe in the season finale. Remember, Jenner whisper information into Rick's ear about the "walkers" and because of this Rick will know Eugene is a royal fake and coward. Eugene was looking for protection in a world he no longer could survive in. Eugene embellished what his title was.

With two episodes remaining, there are bull’s eye on all cast members including Norman Reedus…lol! Therefore, no huge shock if there is another unsettling death of a character (s) as the death of Hershel. The Walking Dead seems to run per-existing bull’s eye on all the characters therefore it’s just a matter of time. Going out on a limp and predict a main character will die....its due to happen.

The promos without a doubt are teasers; the sneak peeps reveal tidbits/sound bites out of sequence to arouse speculation in anticipation of the next episode....and I love it. One thing is apparent from all the sneak peeps all are walking toward Terminus, so each and every one are bound to collide/connect on the tracks.

What do you think is going to happen next?


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