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Recently a rumor has come out that Ben Affleck's Batman will be a continuation of Nolan's Universe, leaving out and bringing in a few new things. Though I cannot say if this is true or not, I can site statements from Zach Snyder, David S. Goyer, and even actor Gary Oldman in saying, "It's its own thing." The fact that Nolan stepped off as producer way back too suggests it is in its own universe. This does not mean, however, that the MoS universe has to be completely independent of what has been done before. In this article I will explore why I believe the Arkham Universe, that of the games Arkham: Asylum, City, Origins, and now Knight, would be best to host these two Titans and eventually the [Justice League](movie:401267).

1.) The Man of Steel Universe

In the MoS universe, we already know Bruce Wayne is a "grizzled, seasoned crime fighter." Being portrayed by Ben Affleck, in his early forties, sets him up perfectly as a continuation of the Batman we see in City. In Akham City we can estimate Batman's Age using Tim Drake, the third Robin, that appears mid game and in the DLC. Putting Tim between 17-19 would make Bruce 38-40 canonically, the perfect age for Ben Affleck to step into the cape and cowl.

2.) He Looks Like Bruce Wayne and the Batsuit

Ben Affleck looks a lot like the Bruce Wayne established in the Arkham Games. Honestly I feel it is odd when anyone suggest Ben won't pull off the Batman look for honestly, no actor ever cast has ever come closer to looking like Bruce Wayne than Ben Affleck. Another plus is the Batsuit used in the Arkham Universe. It is the perfect mix of functionality with classic look, perfect for Ben's stature and for the MoS Universe.

3.) Justice League Coming to Arkham

Rumors around the new game Arkham Knight, suggest that we will see Superman or other Justice League members as easter eggs for a future game, or even stepping into the Gameplay. This would reinforce the idea of a Batman much more knowledgeable than the rest of the Justice league which we are to see in the Cinematic Universe. The games can then stand beside the forthcoming films, adding to the DC Cinematic Universe without raising the budget or making too many films too quickly.

4.) The Joker is dead

Sorry for spoilers but the game came out years ago. Now I hear you all, we cannot have a Batman without a Joker, and though he is my favorite comic character of all time, I feel as though he has become too big and takes away from other amazing villains in Batman's Rogues Gallery. This will also please Ledger fans who do not want him recast so soon.

5.) The Joker can be brought back

I know, I know, I just said he is dead, but let us look at the events within the Arkham Universe. We already have a good set up of what the Lazarus Pitts are, and if you do not know, they bring the dead back to life and have kept Ra's Al Ghul alive for the past 600 years. If the Joker's thought to be dead throughout the forthcoming trilogy Ben Affleck will hopefully be directing, imagine the shock when in the third film the someone is running around calling themselves the Joker, as in the 2002 Batman Superman Asylum Script (here) only to find he is really back, and becomes Batman's last great challenge.

Whatever Zach and Goyer are doing is beyond me and I trust the two of them to put out a quality film that is fair to the canon. This is simply my idea for setting up a working universe for MoS with minimal effort and maximum payout. Please leave comments, discrepancies below, I'd love to discuss.


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