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The CW's Arrow has been nothing short of a hit for the CW television network. It focuses on Oliver Queen/ Green Arrow and Season 1 was such a hit that Season 2 has lived up to it's predecessor and exceeded all expectations. The question that remains on everyone's mind is: Will it connect to the DC Cinematic Universe? Now many people oppose the idea, but I believe it would be GREAT and give for a head start to the DCU. Now, not saying things should be rushed, greatness takes time but there are still ways to make things work out.

Greg Berlanti, one of Arrow's producers, hasn't necessarily stated that the Arrow Universe WON'T connect to the larger DCU, he just stated what characters they "can and can't" use. Arrow, though has already opened the world to a variety of characters (Deathstroke, DeadShot, Huntress, Black Canary, and most significantly Green Arrow and Flash). But if a JLA movie were to come, will the characters of this show be used?

Arrow isn't the only DC Show on the way, there's Constantine which is to air on NBC produced by David Goyer himself, Flash, which spin offs Arrow after the introduction of Barry Allen and Gotham, which will air on FOX. Now, Gotham tying in to the larger DC Universe has been ruled out as it was stated that it will not connect to the films, just 'back up' the Batman story line and most importantly, the Gotham City timeline. Constantine, on the other hand is being written by David Goyer, who helped work on Man of Steel, and although he isn't working on Batman vs. Superman, will Constantine tie in? Only time will tell.

An even bigger question is if Arrow, Flash, and Constantine DO coincide in the same universe, how will they connect on the smaller screen being aired on different networks? DC owns the right to use all their characters on the big screen, but how about the televised universe? Hopefully over time, as the show's progress we may get some answers.

Should it all be rushed? No, DC has stated before that they do not have intentions to compete with Marvel. But these shows DO give them a head start with some characters if they are to ever connect. Rushing something isn't always good either, as it can cause for a big mess, which is one of the reasons why I'm totally for Batman vs. Superman being delayed a couple of months if it results to a great, possibly even perfect, film we've all been waiting for.

If these show's aren't to connect with the cinematic universe, does DC plan on even using the characters that have their own shows on the big screen? Another reason I'm totally for Arrow and Flash connecting to the DC Cinematic universe is to not confuse the audience. It'd be pretty strange having Green Arrow on screen played by a different actor than the one on TV. Flash is understandable as there are more than one in the family of speedsters. But it would be pretty weird seeing Stephen Amell playing a hero that's played by someone else on the big screen.

That said, what are YOUR opinions on what should and shouldn't connect in the DC Cinematic Universe? Do you agree with me? Disagree? Tell me why! Thanks for reading.


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