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It's that time again where I get to whip out my tiny violin and play a mournful tune for sappy Somerhalder. Rumor has it that the hopelessly romantic star is still in love with his co-star and ex, Nina Dobrev. Alas, she's just not that into him.

According Celeb Dirty Laundry, the 35-year-old [The Vampire Diaries](series:200853) hunk is still infatuated with Dobrev, but she is more interested in playing the field and getting her date on.

Sources are blaming the former couples 10 year age gap for the disintegration of their relationship, and they are probably onto something there. Dobrev is only 25 after all, and I don't know many people her age who aren't wary of cementing themselves into a long term relationship.

Whereas I doubt that Somerhalder is spending his every waking moment sketching Dobrev's elfin face, or desperately sniffing her discarded garments on set, I do find it believable that he is clinging onto the romance.

He has always seemed like the sentimental type to say the least, and if he has that much love for his Twitter followers, can you imagine the adoration he must have for a romantic partner?

Nina Dobrev and flash in the pan, Derek Hough
Nina Dobrev and flash in the pan, Derek Hough

Nina Dobrev has moved on and had a relationship with Derek Hough along with being linked to Liam Hemsworth by the gossip pages, but Somerhalder hasn't been connected to any lucky ladies just yet.

Maybe the sensitive soul is just taking a longer time to get over the relationship, or maybe there is some truth in the idea that he is still in love with the spritely Dobrev.

Is it just me, or does anyone else get the impression that Somerhalder might be a bit clingy in a relationship? Maybe Dobrev couldn't handle all of the poetry reading as Somerhalder made a giant tapestry of her face!

Do you guys think that sensitive Somerhalder is still wounded from his breakup? The pair seem to get on so well as friends, surely that would be too painful for him if the rumors were true?


Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev are...

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