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Oh no! The rumor sirens are crying out again, and to the same tired old tune. The anonymous sources are crawling out of their murky lairs again to spread the gospel of R-Patz and KStew, but do they really think we are still listening after last years revelation that all the rumors about their relationship were totally fabricated?

The main offender, Hollywood Life is spouting talk that Kristen Stewart is 'begging' for Rob to come to her birthday party. One of the websites minions coughed up this fur ball in support of the argument;

Kristen wants to celebrate her upcoming birthday with her close friends in LA, and she wants Rob to join them as well. Even though she hasn’t seen Rob for the longest time, they still talk all the time. They text, Skype. They are both pretty much in the same place right now, just focusing on work and staying focused

Can you guys imagine the driven, intelligent, feisty Kristen begging for anything? She is looking so happy and focused on her career these days, its hard to believe anything about this sort of hearsay. But wait, there's more! The cheeky little anonymous source also said that;

Neither of them are dating. Things are good between them and it would so make Kristen’s birthday if he joined her. That would be the ultimate birthday gift for her

Kristen and Rob together, many moons ago
Kristen and Rob together, many moons ago

I'm sure that both R-Patz and KStew would like to meet as friends, but unfortunately that would just be impossible with all eyes on them, and such a demanding rumor machine to feed. In my eyes, the dream of romance reigniting between them died a death months ago. Maybe they could get back together years down the line, but for now it is clear they are best apart and enjoying the single life.

You'll have much more fun with you LA chums on your birthday than hanging on for Rob, KStew! Happy birthday for the 9th of April, and have a drink for me. Make it champagne!

What do you guys think of this relentless tornado of rumors? Do you think it will ever end? I would say that Rob or Kristen getting a new partner would help matter, but then they would just be meeting up for 'secret hook ups' according to the press. You just can't win!


The R-Patz and KStew rumors are...

(Source: Hollywood Life)

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