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So, I can’t actually believe it’s been over four years since the death of the really talented Britney Murphy. And only now, they’ve finally decided to release her final screen appearance in the latest Darin Scott directed, Something Wicked.

Britney Murphy first appeared on screen in the cult classic Clueless nearly 20 years ago, way back in 1995, and from there she had a string of success with Girl Interrupted, Sin City, Little Black Book, and most obviously, 8 Mile. (I’m going to ignore the Razzie she won for best worst couple in the awful Rom-Com she was in with Aston Kutcher, Just Married).

But then again, Britney Murphy knows how to play creepy. Remember that intense film she played with Michael Douglas, Don’t Say a Word? It still sends shivers down my spine. You can only imagine what Something Wicked is going to bring to the table. It’s been rated R, so it probably won't be easy watching.

The thriller tells the story of a romance gone wrongThe other cast members include Shantel VanSanten (Gang Related, One Tree Hill, Final Destination), John Robinson (upcoming Peter Bogdanovich movie, Big Sur, Lords of Dogtown), Julian Morris (Once Upon a Time, Pretty Little Liars, Valkyrie), and James Patrick Stuart (Supernatural, Hot in Cleveland). With a cast like this and it being Britney Murphy’s last onscreen appearance, it’s definitely something not to miss.

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