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Focus Features has just started a "R U Agitated" viral campaign for their June 13 release of William Eubank's sci-fi horror-thriller The Signal, and it looks really naaaasty.

The movie follows three hacker friends who attempt to locate a mysterious and unknown computer genius who has hacked MIT and messed around with their servers. However, upon stumbling upon an abandoned shack in the desert, they are rendered unconscious, only to be woken up in a strange and unknown bunker-like facility.

Check out the trailer and these awesome new stills and see what you think:

Yep, I'm pretty agitated now... Are you?

Having seen this lot - and taking into account the positive Sundance reviews it received for wowing almost every critic who cast eyes on it - it seems as though The Signal will be a big hit for conventional audiences... Or anyone who's fed-up with formulaic sci-fi involving massive CGI robots and monsters (looking at you, del Toro).

What are your first impressions of The Signal and its new viral marketing campaign? Looking forward its June 13, 2014 release? Sound off in the comment section below!

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