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First up, here's a quick reminder for you to come along to The Walking Dead Live Blog on Sunday. We'll go live 30 mins before the episode starts on It's going to be emotional.

If you still haven't recovered from all the child-on-child murder and brutal executions from last week's The Walking Dead, don't worry. As Michael Jackson once sang, "You are not alone. I am here with you" and together we can get through this.

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Walking Dead fans from all over the world have been using social media as cathartic tool for sharing their grief and shock following the events of "The Grove".

Here are some of the best ones:

Plus here are a few of the reactions from you guys who got involved during our live blog:

And one from me (I got a little bit emotional as well).

So the question remains whether this is as shocking as it gets, or is this just the beginning? Let me know your predictions/reactions below or over on Twitter I hope to see you all for the Live Blog on Sunday.


Will the next episode be even more shocking?


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