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Many of you have heard that a second Incredibles movie is in the works now. Also it will be in 3D, so that makes it even better. Pixar is also working on a third Cars film along with the superhero family sequel. Could we see a possible return of the Underminer or a new bad guy? Could we see Frozone return to kick some bad guy booty in the new film? Or will we see a new character emerge and fight with the Parr family? It has been ten years since The Incredibles originally released and in my opinion it will be a few more years before we see the Parr family back on screen. With Cars 3 in the fire which could be released in two or three years, which will stick to the original story line of Route 66 along with Route 99 which was stated by Michael Wallis in an interview in August this past year about the film. The [The Incredibles 2](movie:673500) could release in 2018 or even 2020, depending how long it takes to make [Cars 3](movie:1028628) don't quote me. That is my guess, they may need some wiggle room here with three films set to release in the next two years. Finding Dory, The Good Dinosaur and Inside Out. They need time to come up with a story line that fits and would be fun to watch.

I have some story lines that I would like to see happen in the sequel of The Incredibles. It could be a few years in the future, Violet is in college and Dash in high school and Jack Jack in preschool or even elementary school. Bob and Helen both working and living normal lives, but also going out to save the city or world when needed. After the fight with Syndrome the world lets up on the superheros and how they have to hide in plain sight from the public. They welcome the idea of the heroes coming out of hiding. Though one new villain emerges and poses a threat to the world. Name unknown to the world, she has telekinetic powers which she uses to reek havoc across the world. Demolishing buildings, landmarks, and threatens to end the world. She wants revenge for Syndrome's death, and fights the Incredibles. Now this isn't in the works just a story I made up that I would like to see. Another possible story line is The Parr family fights the Underminer who makes his appearance in the end of the first film and we pick it up there, like the t.v. shows...."When we last saw The incredbles" sort of follow up. Which would be okay, but I rather see the story take place ten years down the road or something. Show change in the family and the world as a whole. Pixar has kind of bombed lately with the Cars 2 flop, Up and Brave were probably the last films they recently made that were original and kind of put them back on the map, even though its been six years since the release of Up.

Pixar, I believe will make The Incredibles the best animated film series since Toy Story. The Incredibles will go down in history. With Cars 3 in the works, Pixar needs to bounce back and win the viewers back after the some what of a flop of Cars 2. Make it right and end it...simple, we have Planes and Planes: Fire and Rescue which will be releasing soon. Even though Planes isn't Pixar they are similar. So no need to make this go longer than it needs to go. Pixar has to make the Incredibles sequel better than the first. In the movie industry they say the sequels are usually less likely to succeed than the first film. I hope that isn't the case for the Parr family. Once Pixar releases Finding Dory and the other movies that will come out of the woodwork. They will have that push they need and motivation to keep coming up with original ideas. That's how Pixar was and needs to be once again. It needs to stay that way.

Thanks for reading, do you have any ideas of story lines you would like to see? Anything to add? Comment below!


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