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As the traditional model of aspiring filmmakers pitching studios their ideas (and then begging for financing) starts to shift more and more to progressive, internet-driven models, some pretty cool projects that never would have seen the light of day even a few years ago are getting made.

The latest in that line of unique projects is [Project Gooseberry](movie:1282560) by Blender - no, not the music magazine, but the open source platform that enables artists to share 3D tools with one another in a collaborative effort.

In what would be the first in history, Blender is working hard to create Gooseberry, an open source, full-length feature animation film backed by a cloudfunding campaign. Sound intriguing? That's because it is. A fantastically idealistic concept, in fact. Here's more from the project site:

Blender Institute will bring together twelve indie studios from all over the world, who will contribute each using own style and cultural influences.
Work is expected to take 18 months, with 60-80 people participating full time, supported by a huge online community who will be involved and participate as well.

So what will the film be about?

The film is about Michel the sheep, who's longing to get an interesting life. It will be a funny, absurdist and adventurous love story, directed by Mathieu Auvray.
Script development is currently ongoing and will continue until August.

And guess what? The best part is that anyone who wants can be a part of this little slice of film history. If you donate and subscribe, you can follow the entire process from start to finish via the Blender Cloud. Stick around for the entire creation process (about 18 months), and you'll get your name in the credits.

Want to donate or find out more? Head on over to The Project Gooseberry site for more information. And as always, let's get a conversation going in the comments or on Twitter.


Will the shift away from studio funding help or harm the movie industry?

(Source: Project Gooseberry)


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