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WARNING: Some elements in this article contain spoilers, for those of you who haven't seen the show's original four seasons. I was extremely excited when the Olympics showed a fifteen second teaser announcement for another Heroes series! Heroes: Reborn has been announced as an upcoming mini-series of thirteen episodes, set to be released by NBC next year, as an extension of the original series. Unfortunately, the word "reborn" suggests that it'll feature an all-new story and cast, and NBC Entertainment President, Jennifer Salke, said in a recent interview:

Until we get closer to air in 2015, the show will be appropriately shrouded in secrecy, but we won't rule out the possibility of some of the show's original cast members popping back in.

Heroes creator, Tim Kring, said during the original run that his conception was that each season would bring new heroes/characters for people to focus on, much like the style of American Horror Story. Can Heroes survive like that? Especially when there are many more superhero shows on now then there were when it first broadcasted.

If some original characters could come back, who will get the fortune of cameos? Here are the main two that I believe are essential to the Heroes legacy:

Peter Petrelli - Portrayed by Milo Ventimiglia

The very first person seen in the pilot episode, Peter Petrelli used to be the strongest among the people with abilities. His original ability enabled him to absorb the abilities of the people around them, stockpile them, and then use them whenever he needed. After events in season three, his ability was diminished to only being able to hold one power at a time, which royally pissed me off. Peter was the first person you met in the series, and I feel that his importance to the original run should guarantee him a spot in Reborn. Hopefully, Milo wants to return.

Gabriel "Sylar" Grey - Portrayed by Zachary Quinto

Gabriel Grey's original ability enabled him to understand the faults in objects and people, which in turn enabled him to understand the abilities of others. His greed took over as he discovered a way to steal their powers by killing them and cutting open their head. He adopted the alias of "Sylar" and went on a country-wide killing spree, stealing power after power. Obviously his story evolves and becomes very intricate, but that's the basic breakdown of Sylar. No matter what the objective of the heroes was in each season, underneath all of it, Sylar was still a recurring problem, a man who wouldn't die and was pure anger and greed. His villainy deserves to come back again, as long as Quinto can take time out of Star Trek and American Horror Story.

I'd put Nathan Petrelli on that list because he was actually my second favorite character in the series, with Sylar being my first, but the faithful to the show will know why he can't return. Personally I feel that characters such as Hiro Nakamura, Matt Parkman, and Claire Bennet aren't especially strong characters, in ways of accenting the show, so whether or not they get guest-starring roles in Reborn, I don't care much either way. No offense to the actors themselves. Plus, this way, only two characters returning from the original would leave plenty of room for Tim Kring to create new characters with new powers.

Who do you want to see return the most? What powers should new characters have? Or should they cancel Heroes altogether? Comment your thoughts, suggestions, etc.

(Source: " 'Heroes: Reborn': We are never, ever getting back together. Probably." Article by Jeff Jensen of Popwatch)


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