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DC Comics has been very hit and miss with it's movies. In the recent decade, the mostly successful ones have been The Dark Knight Trilogy, Watchmen, and Man of Steel. Since The Dark Knight Trilogy ended, Man of Steel seemingly is the first movie for this new cinematic universe. A mentions between The Flash, Arrow, and Man of Steel hint that there may be one unified universe.

1) The tone of the two universes are pretty much the same. The fact that they strive for a more darker tone is a huge hint. I can believe that these heroes or vigilantes can exist in our universe and that they are not some goofy character that everyone loves. In fact, Starling City seems to want to hunt Green Arrow down, instead of praising him. Superman will most likely be blamed for the damage done to Metropolis.

2) STAR Labs exists. Dr. Emil Hamilton mentioned that he works for STAR Labs in Man of Steel. Though Cyborg is created here, their particle accelerator is also responsible for the explosion that caused great tragedy. It created a rift in time and space, causing the Speed Force to strike Barry Allen. The fact that STAR Labs is in Man of Steel and Arrow shows that it is very possible.

The logo for STAR Labs for the Flash.
The logo for STAR Labs for the Flash.

3) There are three big characters already confirmed to be in "Batman Vs. Superman". I should think they would have more heroes, especially linked to the TV shows. There has been a rumor that the Flash would appear in Batman Vs. Superman, so they should really have Grant Gustin involved, or the Arrow universe is a waste. Stephen Amell has also been surrounded with rumors of being in the Justice League. He basically answered that when or if they announce that the Justice League is in development, then they should ask if he is in it.

My reasons were based on the facts we have so far, and it seems if there is a 50/50 chance of the DC Cinematic Universe expanding into TV.

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