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The Giver: I predict disaster, no offense

I do not normally criticize a movie I have yet to see, I really try to stay positive. With that said, if [The Giver](movie:723657) turns out to be a fantastic movie I will joyfully eat my words that the movie did justice to the award winning book it is based on. The problem is, I saw the first trailer, and I already see some major flaws. I love books. I am sorry that yes I do get upset when a movie rips a great book apart, it is almost cruel to do that to a brilliant piece of literature. I understand that a movie is a different art medium and that things have to change to get the story across and to make it modern, etc. So why did I decide to pick The Giver as my first official criticized up and coming movie on this page? Well, blame the first trailer…

I read this book many years back in school and it truly was the first book that led me to sci-fi as it showed me a world where the future can be different and strange. It had a storyline that captivated and dug into the hearts of any who read it, and there has yet to be anything like it in the new novels lately. The Giver follows the story of Jonas, and him receiving his job in his society at age twelve as appointed by the leaders. I remember Asher, this playful best friend, and the kind Fiona. I remember also, what has made this book stand apart still to this day. A big part of the novel, the reader fails to grasp that at first, everything is not being described too terribly in looks. Then we got it as Jonas starts his training as the Reciever. Jonas notices Fiona’s hair is different, he is suddenly noticing it is red, and through the training from The Giver he is perceiving color. Tell me please then, how is that not a perfect set up for a modern take on a black and white movie? Imagine, the movie gradually building into these glimpses of colors of hair and apples and the sky until everything is in color? Yep, flaw one, the movie had a perfect opportunity to do something truly original and keep it true to the book and failed.

Then the trailer showed me something else I seriously disliked. How about that little piece showing Jonas running with a baby? I am only going to say read the book for all those who have not, this is of great importance. I will say what I saw at that moment in the clip decided how excited(or not) I can expect to be to see the movie in August.

So once again age is off for the characters, key plot concepts, originality, and facts are different. The book The Giver had some potential with its idea of a Utopian society, but film may ruin it. I hope I am wrong and do eat my words. I really do. I reserve the right to say, “ok, not as bad as previous thought.” Until the day it opens I remain pessimistic…

P.S. Taylor Swift is in this movie so readers I will let you decide if that is a pro or con…js


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