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This movie gets more and more terrifying by the day! In this brand new Godzilla movie poster we see just how massive this planet-sized demon really is: His tail flicks and suddenly an entire city is destroyed, earthquakes happen on the other side of the planet, and the number of continents on Earth go from seven to four.

One thing many moviegoers often forget is that filmmakers are really artists at heart who have taken a medium that moves and tells a story so it's always important to take a look as some of the symbolism that could be hidden in any kind of art, and this poster is no exception.

One of the most important symbols we can can away from this the center of what brings contrast to this poster, and that would be the sun. While everything else in the image has death and destruction written all over it, the warm glowing sun is peaking out around the corner of Godzilla. The sun in art symbolizes life and hope, which is definitely a big contrast.

This in a literary sense would mean that there is still hopes in defeating Godzilla to restore urban life as we know it after extensive repairs on the city, which if there's hope, there must be some way to destroy this overgrown lizard! But what in the world, or even out of this world could destroy such a creature? The answer lies in the original: Godzilla isn't the only monster. These images were released showing off the toys coming from the events of the movie:

By the looks of it, we might very well have an entire army of the badboys on the way! But will there be just three, or will there be more? Believe it or not, we may actually be seeing an artificial monster on the lose with these guys as well. This Godzilla toy called Muto, confirmed to be in the movie by early showings of segments of the film, has a slick man-made look to it:

Muto was also seen in the trailer briefly as seen above. The name, however, is odd because late last year Godzilla promotions told us that M.U.T.O. was a government agency, announced with government classified-looking graphics and everything! Could Muto be an artificial monster created for the purpose of taking down Godzilla


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