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Just when I thought we had squeezed all the enjoyment out of Lindsay's harem of Hollywood hook ups, more of those coy blurred names have revealed their true identities!

In Touch has kindly uncensored all but SIX of the lucky lads who got the Lohan treatment, and there are some real gems in there. The beacon of Lilo's infamous 'fire crotch' clearly draws them in like moths to a flame.

Some new names of note are Ashton Kutcher, Orlando Bloom, Ryan Phillippe, and the slightly left field choice of Benicio Del Toro.

I did what...
I did what...

Also included are a handful of models, sports men and confusing riddles. Any idea who [email protected] could be my fellow sleuths? I googled the initials and I got this, but I doubt Lohan would be bragging about making the beast with 2 backs with a lowly builder. Dina just wouldn't stand for that.

Whether it was scribed by Lilo's fair, freckled hand or somebody else's cash hungry paw, I am still gagging for the final six names to shed their censored skins and bare all to the world.

Until that happens. Here are some names that would absolutely make my life if they cropped up. Speculation is totally in these days, right?

1. Charlie Sheen

Was he mentoring more than Lindsay's sobriety? If so, he probably wasn't doing the best job. Romping with that beast could turn anyone to drink.

2. Kim Kardashian

It's a well known fact that these two would do ANYTHING for publicity, and Lilo did take a walk on the sapphic side with Sam Ronson. Maybe there could even be a tape if Kris Jenner had anything to do with it!

3. Snoop Dogg

If Lohan so much as touched Snoop she would be chilled enough to kill her next movie, he's like the human embodiment of medicinal marijuana!

Is there anyone you guys would love to see crop up on Lohan's list? I have space for three more possibles so if your choices are entertaining enough, I'll cram 'em in the article. You're welcome!


Lohan says, would you rather...

(Source: Buzzfeed via In Touch)

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