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Minor spoilers warning for those who still have not watched last Sunday's episode of The Walking Dead, titled "The Grove."

So now that we know how far the show's makers are willing to go to make the zombie apocalypse as believable and barbaric as possible, it is practically a guarantee that most of the current survivors are not safe. In my opinion, the only characters I see that have a really strong chance of making it to season five alive are Rick, Carl and Michonne. Daryl has a good chance of staying alive as well, though his chances may be diminishing after what we saw from the promo video for the next episode, "Us." [1] The new trio (Abraham, Rosita and Eugene) we were introduced to that originated from the comics also have a solid chance of heading to season five. But other than the aforementioned characters, the fates of each of the other survivors are quite unclear, at least to me. So that being said, who do you all think will be next to go? Now that the makers of the show have further proven to us that everyone is fair game, including Lizzie and Mika, anything is possible, as has always been the case, though not to this magnitude.

Here are some of the characters I think may not be around for too long:

Tara Chambler (portrayed by Alanna Masterson)

As of right now, her only purpose is to help Glenn find his wife, Maggie. And it is a purpose she is seemingly forced to fulfill, by both Glenn and her own personal guilt. Remember that she was on Philip's (a.k.a. the Governor) side when he and his cohorts decided to try and take the prison and kill everyone that lived in it. Even though she is not directly at fault for this, she still feels guilty about the death of Hershel at the murderous hands of Philip. And although Glenn has not said it aloud, he may still think of her as an enemy because of what happened to his father-in-law, primarily. As a result of all this, Tara has to help Glenn no matter what. I can envision a scenario playing out in which Tara sacrifices herself in order to save Glenn, in an attempt to help him continue his search for his wife.

Personally, I would rather Tara not be killed off because I think she can become a much more engaging character. Abraham seems to like spending time talking to her, and he revealed during a sneak peek video of "Us" that she was apparently checking Rosita out. [2] It would be fascinating to see her relationships with both Abraham and Rosita expand a bit more. But sadly, she may not be around too long for that to play out.

Sasha (portrayed by Sonequa Martin-Green)

If Sasha is killed off, I would predict that it will happen before she ever reaches Terminus. If she does reach that mysterious place, then I think her time on the show will be prolonged a bit more.

Here are a couple of reasons why I think she is likely to die, unfortunately. First, she seems very willing to do things by herself, and because of this, she acts on impulse more often than not. When we last saw her, she was debating with Maggie and Bob Stookey about whether it was safer to head to Terminus, or to find another safe haven. Maggie voted for Terminus because she believed Glenn would be heading there as well. Bob agreed with Maggie; I am inclined to think that he just likes to hang out with larger groups of survivors, which has not worked out well for him so far. On the other hand, Sasha briefly disagreed, and it was not because she did not want to find Glenn. She just thought that Terminus was too good to be true (I am actually on her side on this). Eventually, she agreed to go with them, but then found an abandoned building she believed to be a good place for shelter. This came after Maggie had already left to find Glenn by herself, and when Bob kissed Sasha, but left her to find Maggie. Despite being alone, she appeared more willing of staying inside the building, even though being alone made her visibly upset. This kind of lonely behavior can get people killed in a zombie apocalypse, as we have come to realize that being around large groups of people is perhaps the best strategy to use in order to survive.

Furthermore, another reason why I think Sasha is likely to die is because she has made no mention of the only family she has left that is alive - her brother, Tyreese. In fact, Tyreese has not mentioned her either. During "The Grove," Tyreese only lamented when talking about his now-deceased former girlfriend, Karen, who was killed by Carol. [3] To me, either Sasha and Tyreese have come to terms with the fact that the other may be dead, or they just do not care for each other all that much, despite being siblings. It could even be a combination of the two - they both think the other is dead, and they do not care enough to find out for sure, very much unlike Maggie and Glenn. If indeed Sasha feels that way about her brother, then she may not have much worth living for. As a result, if a serious threat on her life arises, she may not worry too much. Again, this is all conjecture, as we have no way of knowing how she really feels about Tyreese, or if she ever even thinks of him. But, her attitude and actions as of late sway me to opine that she may be next to go; of course, I could be wrong about everything.

Beth Greene (portrayed by Emily Kinney)

Could it be possible that the next time we see her (IF we ever see her again), she is already dead? All we know is that she got kidnapped as Daryl was fighting against a group of walkers inside that house they found in "Alone." The whole thing about the dog paying them a visit, and then the walkers somehow knowing that Beth and Daryl were both in the house, even though they did not make loud noises, makes me think that someone was spying on them during that episode. That someone grabbed Beth and drove off with her, while another menacing group found Daryl on a street. Could it also be possible that the person who took Beth is working with those that are with Daryl now?

As for Beth, her time on the show may be running short. I certainly hope I am wrong, as I was keen on seeing the relationship between her and Daryl evolve further. It seemed like they were bonding more so than ever, only for the makers of the show to separate them at the worst time. It is possible that we may not see Beth again this season, but early next season. Or, she may show up briefly during the season finale, though I doubt it. Those of you that have read the comics may have better ideas as to where she might be held captive. But since just about every survivor is heading to Terminus, I am inclined to think that Beth may be held there. This, of course, implies that Terminus is not really a sanctuary, which is a mindset I have had ever since it first came up in the show. One last thing to consider is the state in which Beth will be in if/when we see her again. Will she be battered and bruised? Will she be without a limb or two? Will she have been molested and harassed by the person who kidnapped her? Or, will she just be dead? I'll let you all opine further.

Carol Peletier (portrayed by Melissa McBride)

This one may come as a surprise to some of you, but I am not so certain that Carol will be around for much longer. What does seem slightly certain to me is that Carol may bump into Rick at some point before the season finale, or maybe even during the finale. The question will then become, how will Rick react upon seeing Carol again? Remember that Rick banished Carol from the prison for killing Karen and David. He not only felt like Carol was wrong in doing so, but he also told Carol that he would not want her anywhere near his children, Carl and Judith. However, the exile appeared slightly amicable, especially when Carol gave Rick her watch, which I took to be a message of valiant independence and fortitude - Carol is capable of fending for herself, and does not need to heavily rely on anyone. Rick also encouraged her by explicitly telling her that she would make it on her own. But, I am not sure Rick will be thrilled to see her.

If she can manage to keep the whole Lizzie and Mika thing secret, then she will be safe. If not, then I think Rick may do the unthinkable - kill Carol (OMG, did I just say that?!?!). Okay, I will admit it - this is a ludicrous opinion! But, what do you think Rick would do if he ever found out that Carol had to put down Lizzie for good? With the way he thinks, it is almost assured that whatever animosity he still feels towards Carol will multiply. And, he would want her near his children even less. So, he may either abandon her yet again (which could lead to her death), or put her down. Again, this is assuming that Rick finds out what happened to Lizzie and Mika.

On the other hand, Carol could find herself in a situation in which she is overrun by walkers. This is a better possibility. Carol is someone who is obviously very strong-minded, and has become independent enough to make decisions for herself. While those qualities are great to have in a zombie apocalypse, the latter one does not bode well when in a group. It's fantastic that she is more than capable of making bold decisions without having much of a need to consult anyone else. But, that can also lead to miscommunication and distrust amongst a group. When that happens, someone usually tends to get killed. And, I think this may happen to Carol. I hope I am wrong because I am quite fond of her, but I have a bad feeling about what her future may hold, as you can see.

Glenn (portrayed by Steven Yeun)

According to Robert Kirkman, the season finale is going to be "savage." [4] This usually means that someone is going to die. If that is indeed true, then I believe that someone might be Glenn. While we all would love to see he and Maggie reunite and live happily together, that is unlike what would most probably happen in a zombie apocalypse. A scenario could unfold in which both of them do reunite and rejoice, but it may be short-lived. If we have learned anything about this show, it is that it tends to break our hearts right when we think all will be okay. Consequently, just when we think that they will be together for a while longer, tragedy could very well strike again. Let's just hope that Tara is there to save him if this happens.

So those are my predictions. Bold, aren't they? What are your bold predictions? Write away in the comments section below!


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