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Amy Surprenant

My search for the scariest has come up with some great short films as of late. But this one takes the cake. A contest based around the film The Conjuring called "The 3:07 AM Project," has produced this gem.

Now this...this is an exceptional short film. Not only does the first person dive into murky waters at three in the morning make the viewer already feel claustrophobic and genuinely uncomfortable, but the director does an excellent job at the imagery. The lights perfectly reflect particles in the water to where you can't see much outside the beam.

But what gets me the most is that baby stroller attached by a chain to a cinder block on the bottom of the lake. I got chills. The build up was flawless and the climax was amazing. I want more from this filmmaker!

And now for a fun little game.

Suggest to me a not very well known but good horror flick and I will watch and review it. I welcome all suggestions. Have at it!

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