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Matthew Surprenant

Reign - a CW series produced by NBC, seems to be taking some hints from [Game of Thrones](movie:817617). It chronicles Mary Queen of Scots rise to power, starting with her betrothal at age 15. It garners a strong 7.9 on IMDb and undoubtedly has strong source material. The creators, however, seem to have a tendency to push the boundaries of what the CW will NBC does with [Hannibal](series:721010)[Reign](series:986509)and violence. Reportedly, Reign has already cut a scene involving a handmaiden pleasuring herself in a stairwell, but now King Henry II has started banging around. At his decree, his mistress is going to have some time under the sheets with his wife.

I, for one, am curious what debates it may spark once aired, especially since the show doesn't shy away from straight couples getting frisky. It just may get certain groups riled up!


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