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This is not my normal way of writing an article, so bare with me. I couldn't help it, I had to make a point to write about this topic, and where the idea came from. Author (Hollowstone, West of Sunset), and comic book extraordinaire, Dennis Upkins posted some interesting thoughts about the X-Men that I thought I'd share with the rest of the MP community. He talks with his comic book friends and discusses who he thinks holds the title of 'Marvel's Mutant Trinity' (akin to DC's Trinity of Batman, [Wonder Woman](movie:45787), and Superman).

Here is an excerpt from that conversation:

So the other day some of us were discussing this pic on an X-Men forum. We were all in agreement that Cyclops, Storm and Wolverine formulate the X-Trinity; Marvel's mutant answer to DC's Trinity.
The ridiculous Mary Suing aside, leadership wise Logan is the ideal black ops leader and his being appointed the leader of X-Force was brilliant. He can make the hard calls in the bad situations and come out of impossible scenarios standing tall.
Scott is the best of both Magneto and Xavier. He has Xavier's idealism but will fight for his people by any means necessary like Magnus.
Storm is the most ideal leader in that she's strong, wise beyond her years, compassionate, and rarely has to compromise her integrity or ideals to fight for the greater good. She's the very definition of a true champion.
Storm is the leader you want as the figurehead to inspire and lead the masses and to save face with the public, Cyclops is the strategist that you want behind-the-scenes and Logan is the muscle that you want to handle the business under the dark of night.

Denny has some very interesting and valid points, but do you agree? If not, who would you qualify as Marvel's mutant trinity?

Denny Upkins has made writing his passion, and has carved a niche in the fantasy genre. He will be appearing soon at MidSouthCon 32 in Memphis, TN from March 21st-23rd. If you are at the convention drop by and say hello!

Also visit his website for updates on future projects

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section! Let's get a discussion going!


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