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Another Great Picture.
Another Great Picture.

Here are 2 great images of The Goblin. It is obviously Harry so I would conclude that he is going to be referred to as "The Hob Goblin" but who knows. In both pictures I notice he has a silver patch on his left hand that appears to be in the skin. I also noticed, even before these pictures, that the Goblin suit isn't finished. One half has yet to be put together. This makes me think Norman was planning on using the suit or planning on someone else using it. Scientists at Oscorp probaby come up with a serum that physically enhances the human body. Norman "died" before it could be finished so Harry used the serum to enhance himself and took the unfinished suit to finish whatever Oscorp's plan is with Peter. I also believe Norman is not actually dead but it is indeed faked.

Later after Peter defeats Harry, the serum is toyed with to make it better and enhance the human body even more. The so called dead Norman uses it and finishes the goblin suit so he can pick up after harry's mistakes and kill Peter.

I do believe Peter will die. Andrew Garfield is not returning for [The Amazing Spider-Man 4](movie:1004341) and I believe that the mantel is being handed down to Miles Morales.

What are your guy's thoughts? What do you think will happen? Comment below.


Do you think Norman really dies?


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