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In this new era of super hero movies everyone in the Hollywood industry wants to cash in. We all want to see our favorite characters cast to perfection so we see in a live perspective the characters we love.

I would like to argue particularly that in the upcoming Batman vs. Superman universe that instead of Tim Drake and a well adjusted Nightwing; they introduce Jason Todd's Robin and Dick Grayson is getting used to the new title, city of his own, and being solo.

I understand this is too much to be included in Batman vs Superman in detail, but this idea could be simply introduced. For the casting of Jason Todd I definitely choose Josh Hutcherson. Hutcherson has the acting capability to portray the broken, misguided teenager that Jason Todd is.

With his great acting skills Josh has the look and build for Todd and could as well be built up for a solo Batman film including his death, and another for his rebirth as the red hood. Absolutely anything is possible in this business, and i believe this could make an exciting story line, and be easy enough to be faithful to the comics, because all of us fan boys/girls love it when a director can make the comic universe into a movie that fits our needs. I would like all who read this article to give this idea a chance and look at the video posted below. The video is from a movie called The Forger directed by Lawrence Roeck, and stars Hutcherson alongside Heroes star Hayden Panettiere, where Josh plays an abandoned teenager who forges high price paintings, also a good movie to check out by the way. I hope you all have gotten good insight and gained a new outlook on what this new era of super hero movies could bring us all. Thanks for checking me out, and enjoy the video below!!!!!!!


What do you think about a potential Jason Todd story line with Hutcherson taking the role?


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