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The claws are out in the battle between Marvel and DC over the overcrowded release date of May 6, 2016!

In a conference in the UK, the cast of [Captain America: The Winter Soldier](movie:254973) let rip about [Captain America 3](movie:994409) sharing a release date with DC's [Batman vs. Superman](movie:711870). Needless to say, they aren't taking it lying down!

Director Joe Russo started the fighting talk when he explained to audiences that;

When two cars are speeding at each other, one of them’s got to veer out of the way at some point

and, he obviously has no intention of the swerving car being his!

The director went on to trash DC's decision to move their release date by saying that;

Marvel, I think, announced that date originally. If you go back, historically, Marvel and, I think, Sony have been trading off on that May date for a long time and I think when Warner Bros. decided to move that film they moved it to the May date. So, I can see where Kevin [Feige] said, ‘Well, I’m not moving off that date, so…’ I don’t think they’ll be anything to up the ante other than that, hopefully, we make a great movie and everybody’s very excited to see it

Russo might have been dismissive of DC jumping onto Marvel's release date turf, but it was the actors who really let rip with the battle cries. Anthony Mackie, who plays The Falcon, put things into much less waffling language and told DC in no uncertain terms;

In other words, punks step up to get beat down!

Not one to miss out on a bit of fighting talk, Samuel L. Jackson made a more subtle dig by explaining to the audience that;

At Marvel, you have heroes and then there’s DC, where you have interesting bad guys

Meow! Is he trying to suggest that Batman isn't a hero?! Blasphemy!

Don't take it from me though, check out the video of the press conference below and see the Marvel bravado in action:

For those of you who have been living under a mossy rock in remote Alaska, heres the beef: Batman vs. Superman was originally due to be released in 2015, but was pushed back to May 6, 2016 due to production delays. Marvel had already planted a flag in that release date for an unnamed film, now known to be Captain America 3.

Both films are due to be released on May 6th 2016, but which one are you routing for?


May 6th 2016 belongs to...

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