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Ian Somerhalder and Maggie Grace got tongues wagging when the cosied up at the Lost reunion, and now they are at it AGAIN!

Grace posted an Instagram picture of [The Vampire Diaries](series:200853) planting a kiss on her cheek and has whipped the cyclone of dating rumors into a frenzy.

The pair are believed to have dated between 2006 and 2007 after their Lost characters, step-siblings Boone Carlyle and Shannon Rutherford were killed off.

Although they never officially confirmed their relationship, Grace sung Somerhalder's praises in a 2006 interview. The actress said;

Talking about relationships is a surefire way to jinx them. But Ian's great, I adore him, although I'm only 22 - far too young to even think about having a serious relationship

She might have been too young for a serious relationship then, but now she is 30 surely things are a little different?

Somerhalder's last relationship was with 25-year-old Nina Dobrev, but the 10 year age difference between the pair was reported to be at the heart of their breakup. Maybe Grace would be a better fit for the hunky star?

What do you guys think? Somerhalder does have a history of sneaking his ex-girlfriends some public smooches, so maybe he and Grace are just good friends, but you never know!


Do you think Ian Somerhalder and Maggie Grace are an item?

(Source: International Business Times)

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