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How far would you go for money? This is the question posed by the final trailer for upcoming dark comedy thriller Cheap Thrills.

The plot sees a down on his luck family man Craig (Pat Healy) go for a few drinks to forget his troubles at his local bar, where he meets a former friend and fellow deadbeat (Ethan Embry).

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So when they are invited by another drinker to join him for a few, they can hardly resist. The man seems to be pretty wealthy, and as they get to drinking, the two men take up the stranger and his wife's (David Koechner and Sara Paxton, respectively) offers to earn a little money by doing some dares.

But the dares get more and more brutal, and soon the two are undercutting each other, offering less and less money for the privilege of chopping off a finger from their hand.

Check out the trailer here:

So what do you think? Is Cheap Thrills a stupid movie of drinking games or a haunting satire of the labor market and how far people will go for a buck? Write in with your thoughts below.

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