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Earth to Echo has released a second trailer, and it is a fantastic festival of '80s nostalgia!

Consisting of a handful of E.T. with a sprinkling of The Goonies, this sci-fi story of alien discovery is shooting an arrow straight at my nostalgic heart!

The official synopsis goes as followed:

When a group of young friends begin to receive bizarre encrypted messages on their cellphones, they embark on an incredible adventure to discover the meaning behind these communications. Soon enough, they realize that the messages they are receiving are from a mysterious being from another world - one who desperately needs their help.

Feast your eyes on the trailer below;

The adorable young underdogs come alien rescuers are played by Tio Helm, Astro (AKA Brian Bradley), Reese Hartwig and Ella Wahlestedt. The Walt Disney Studios movie is directed by Dave Green.

If this Spielbergian romp tickles your fancy, you don't have long to wait to enjoy it on the big screen! [Earth to Echo](movie:1095246) is due for release on April 25th 2014.


Are you looking forwards to 'Earth to Echo' finally landing?

(Source: Scifi Mania)

(Images: Yahoo Movies, Film School Rejects via Disney)


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