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Before we get to down to business I'd like to make a final rallying cry to get you all to take part in the [The Walking Dead](series:201193) Live Blog on Sunday. It's normally a whole ton of fun so stop by at and see what's going on.

Wow! So lasts week's episode, "The Grove" was pretty special, wasn't it? I bet no one saw that coming... Actually, that's not strictly true. We saw that coming because we are awesome and knowledgeable about all things The Walking Dead.

Still, it was quite a shock when Carol implored Lizzie to "look at the flowers" before putting a bullet in the back of her head like a kiddie-version of Old Yeller. It was heartbreaking stuff.

So what's in store for us on the next episode and can it match the brutality of what's gone on before?

First up, here's the synopsis for "Us":

Survivors rely on brutality and faith.

Not a lot to go on I know, but I think this could be the episode where Daryl and Rick are pitted against each other.

Let me explain.

Last time we saw Daryl he was emotionally broken and had found (unwanted) company with a bunch of tough guys. If you've seen the promos for the upcoming episode it looks as if Daryl has realized that fighting them all is futile, so has reluctantly joined the group.

What he doesn't know is the group are on the hunt for Rick. He was responsible for killing their buddy Len when they were in the house. Len of course then went the way of the zombie and caused distress and mild scenes of peril for his former buddies when he tried to eat them.

This made the group angry and now they want vengeance.

I speculated a couple of weeks ago that these guys were the Hunters, so I think they'll use their tracking skills to follow the person responsible for killing one of their own - i.e. Rick.

Daryl will be with them and using his expert tracking skills he'll lead the group to the train tracks and the path to Terminus. Daryl's superior hunting and killing abilities will win him favor with the group's leader, Joe, who'll make him his de facto number 2. Daryl - believing that everyone he holds dear is dead - starts to feel more comfortable in the group. They remind him of a life he once knew - a life of survival and brutality.

And then they find Rick...

Daryl will have to choose between his new comrades and his old his buddy and leader. Who will he choose?....

(He'll definitely choose Rick, but it will be fun to see him open up some whoop ass on the other guys.)

The question remains: What will happen to Beth?

My guess? Tainted meat.

What do you think will go down during "Us"? Drop your suggestions below or hit me up on Twitter.


How many walkers will die in "Us"?


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