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When your series creator/star dies, and your director leaves, who you gonna call? PHIL LORD AND CHRIS MILLER!

At least we can hope so.

There's been this rumor floating around the webosphere (yes, we're calling it that now) that up-and-coming comedy powerhouses Phil Lord and Chris Miller (The Lego Movie, 21 Jump Street, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs) are in talks to direct (and perhaps write?) the new sequel/reboot in the Ghostbusters franchise, after the tragic death of series creator, writer and actor Harold Ramis, as well as series director Ivan Reitman having left the project. A lot about this film is up in the air right now, and there is very precious little that we actually know about it beyond speculation. But as I said before, Lord and Miller are rumored to direct it.

I think this would be great.

My reasoning? A little movie starring Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill called 21 Jump Street.

You have the right to remain an attorney.
You have the right to remain an attorney.

If you haven't seen 21 Jump Street, an update/reboot of the classic TV series starring Johnny Depp, you should know that it is vulgar, profane, raunchy, and irreverent. It is also very, very, very funny.

This movie did what many reboots/remakes tremendously fail to do: it revitalized the property. It took the basic concept of the original series and, while keeping a respectful tone, brought it to our day and age. It played fast and loose with the idea and, because it used different characters and plot points, they were able utilize new material and social commentary to make the idea feel fresh, funny and filled with potential all over again. Although, one of the best jokes in the movie is derived from the fact that Hollywood has no original ideas left, so they just recycle material from the 80's and hope we don't notice. But I digress.

How is this good for Ghostbusters, may you ask?

El No You A Smoko (sorry, that was Airplane)
El No You A Smoko (sorry, that was Airplane)

In the humble opinion of this writer, this is exactly what [Ghostbusters 3](movie:32733) needs after the tragedy of Ramis' passing. We need someone who can show us why Ghostbusters is still relevant. We need witty dialogue, paranormal jabber and snarky sarcasm just as much as we did then! All we need to to is put a new coat of paint on it. Don't touch the engine, we know that works, but don't be afraid to gloss it up and drive the car down a different (Jump) street.

Bill Murray once said that the first ten minutes of the original Ghostbusters was the funniest stuff ever captured on film, and I think he was totally right. That brilliant dialogue was Ramis' doing. What we need in light of recent events, if this series is meant to continue, is someone who similarly knows their way around sarcastic delivery, wry satirical humor, and quippy back-and-forth the same way that Ramis did. And that is Lord and Miller.

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs was better than it had any right to be. 21 Jump Street was so funny and such a breath of fresh air that it warranted a sequel, which Lord and Miller will also be directing (Cloudy 2 didn't get that privilege, and we know how that turned out). And last, but not least, I totally expected The Lego Movie to suck when it was announced, but it came out of nowhere to be the fastest, funniest and best animated feature that I've seen in a long time. These guys seem to have a knack for taking tired material (specifically 80's material) and making it awesome again, or taking odd/dumb ideas and making them hilarious and surprising at every turn. Every time they work on something, that project gets a shot of Lord/Miller adrenaline that fills it with excitement, well-paced humor and surprising amounts of heart.

If you're not familiar with Lord and Miller, acquaint yourself, and you'll see why I'm getting all excited over here. It's just a rumor and I'm getting excited! Will we see appearances from the original cast? Will they be handing the Ghostbusters program down to a younger generation? Will Jonah Hill or Channing Tatum be involved? Will Dan Akroyd help write the script? Do we get to see more Ghostbusters or not?! And pleeeeease tell me Nick Offerman can play some douchey EPA rep!

Ghostbusters was one of my favorites growing up, and one of the best movies of all time, without a question. And if Lord and Miller helm the next installment, I am fully confident that we will get a movie that not only carries on the Ghostbusters name, but does so with style, respect, and utmost worthiness.

Until then, we can tide ourselves over with another helping of Jump Street, hitting theaters June 12th!


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