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Okay, before I continue I'd like everyone to read this with an open heart and know that it has SPOILERS!!!!

Moving forward! We begin this movie with scenes of multiple people in different places. They all eventually come together, but I'll get to that later. We have an Asian guy riding his bike to school, Middle Eastern girl riding in the car with her father (covering her face because of tradition), and our main character walking with his girlfriend.

When our main character, Josh, goes to check in for his college classes and whatnot, the person at the computer suggested switching Philosophy classes. Josh refused because it wouldn't work with his schedule and felt he'd be fine. Well, we find out that things are a lot more difficult than that.

We get to this class and the professor seems so fun at first, at least in my opinion. He has a list of famous philosophers on the board and asks what they all have in common. The answer is that they're all atheists, and he says the first assignment is to write on a piece of paper "God is dead" with the signature of the student. All but one student do this, Josh being the one who refuses. Professor Radisson says that he must make his case for God's existence, and that he'll judge. Josh says that the class should be the judges, so Radisson agrees to the terms. The deal that at the end of every class over the course of the next three classes, Josh will stand at the podium and convince everyone that God's not dead. And so, we have our "antagonist" and "protagonist".

Well, in the cafeteria that day Josh and his girlfriend are talking about this debate, and she feels it's foolish. Over hearing this is the Middle Eastern girl, Ayisha. We eventually get a little background info on her and that she lives in a Muslim home and has been hiding her faith. Anyway, Josh goes to the church and Pastor Dave walks in and asks if he can help (it's late at night and didn't know anyone was there). They talk about what Josh is going to be dealing with and David gives him some scripture to study.

For a little info to get to know Dave better, he picked up his friend from the airport who's a missionary. Throughout this movie he's having car trouble with any car he tries to start. His friend says there's a reason God wants him to stay in the city. David of course is frustrated because he wanted to take his friend to Disney World, the missionary's mom wanted to see a picture of him in front of the castle and etc. Of course, a vacation is something Dave could have gone for as well.

It's now the next day and Josh is up at the podium to talk about how God's Not Dead. I won't tell you all the details about the discussion, I feel like that's something you guys should witness yourself. At the end of it though, Radisson says that Josh skipped over a famous saying from Hawkins that Josh hadn't heard of. Afterwords, the professor confronts Josh saying not to humiliate him in his class, and that he'll personally make sure Josh doesn't get into law school.

Wow bro, that's pretty harsh. But moving on, we see Josh's girlfriend again and she is not in the best of moods. She says it's ridiculous that Josh did that and it could destroy the future they want together. So, on that note, she ends it with him. He's confused because he was doing the right thing, and something he had to do. He is fine with the break up and says that, "you were making the decision for the both of us, this debate has nothing to do with our relationship." That wasn't a perfect quote, but you get the picture.

The movie skips around to people outside of the university as well though. We have a reporter, Amy, who's first big action was interviewing Duck Dynasty's Willie Robertson. Again, this is something people should see for themselves. Throughout this film we get to know Amy on a deeper level, we see her go through multiple tests and find out she has cancer. When she tells her boyfriend this, he dumps her. He's a wealthy business man and doesn't have time for that, but he has a connection with another big character. This character's name is Mina, who visits her mother who's very ill, and she's the stuck up guy's sister. She wants her brother to visit but he never does because he's too important for that. Mina is also the girlfriend of Professor Radisson, who was once her own professor. Well, Mina is a Christian and Radisson is Atheist, so gets a little shaky in the home.

Moving on, Josh is at the library getting books to study on before has next discussion session. There we find Martin, the Asian guy from earlier, and he asks Josh a question, "Why are you doing this?" He sits down and talks with Martin and tells him why, and then he leaves.

During the next class, Josh basically burned Radisson with a statement from none other than Hawkins. This statement is from the same book as the one he used against Josh, and it's "Philosophy is dead." He continues and I won't ruin the rest of that. After this class, Radisson comes up to Josh and quotes scripture. Josh asks what happened to him, and he explains having to deal with a loss can change someone greatly.

The intensity picks up during this point; we officially find out Amy has cancer, Martin's father back over in an unknown part of Asia says he can't think God is alive, and Ayisha gets kicked out of her house because she's discovered to be a Christian. Not going to lie to you, crying is a definite. I could just be sensitive, but that's not the point. Pastor Dave talks to Ayisha about what's going on (remember, he couldn't leave because of the car troubles) and tells her it was incredibly brave what she did. Mina and Radisson meanwhile (which I could be wrong with time placement) have a dinner party with staff from the university coming over. The whole time Radisson is picking on Mina for her beliefs and she eventually walks out.

The day of the final discussion, Mina breaks up with Radisson. This dude could not be more furious than he is right now, and just in luck, it's time for class. He tells Josh it's going to be different today, and it becomes a legit debate. Let me tell you, Josh is kicking Radisson's tail in this. He asks the professor, "Do you hate God?" The's yes. The final exclamation point is "How can you hate someone who doesn't exist?"

Let that settle.

Okay, at this point Josh asks the class what they think, if God is or is not dead. Its a unanimous decision that they believe He isn't. After class, Martin comes up to Josh and says he's dedicated his life to Christ. Josh has two tickets to a Newsboys concert he originally got for him and his girlfriend, but that ended so he thought he'd take Martin so they can worship The Lord. All the characters manage to make it to this, so I'll do this one at a time. Amy talks to the band and asks them why they believe what they do, and she's doing this not as her interviewing, but because she's scared of death coming to her and needs to know. Mina is in the crowd singing, same as Ayisha who eventually asks Josh if he's the one who stood up for God (Newsboys gave him a shoutout). Concert goes on and Willie Robertson asks to text everyone in your phone three words, "God's Not Dead" to start a movement.

There's a twist at the end that I left out of here for you to see. Just a FYI.

Personally, I loved the movie. I'm a Christ Follower and am happy this movie was made for that statement that God is not dead. I suggest anyone and everyone to go see this, it can change forever.

I am asking that no one says anything rude or inappropriate in the comments, but if you do have questions I will do my best to answer them.


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