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So some speculation for the upcoming Man of Steel 2 film is that it may be pitting the two most iconic heroes against each other in battle, at least for only part of the film. Hence many fans have been referring to it as the [Batman vs. Superman](movie:711870) movie.

Now in all reality let's face it, comic writers and TV writers and just writers in general LOVE letting the "underdog" win. In this case it would be Batman. Well today I'm here to state why I am, and always will, be team Superman!

I like what Stan Lee did with how he made just about all his heroes relate-able when starting his own comic franchise, but I think that DC would be losing part of themselves if they try to ground themselves too much, or at least if they grounded the wrong characters. Even though Stan made his characters 'real people', he still kept that underlining thought, that all heroes want to be good, and do the right thing, which is shown very strongly in Captain American and Spiderman.

I wasn't a huge fan of TDK trilogy because they tried to take a completely fictitious and impossible character, and make him real. (No matter how much money you have or how much martial arts you learn, no one can really become Batman). No matter how much dedication you put into it, you can't travel the world and learn a lifetime's knowledge in a few years. Even though there are several points I can make about Batman, the last one i will state is that, no matter how careful you are, you can not keep from getting caught by the police when you are fighting crime across town. People bleed and sweat, so DNA has to be left somewhere sometime.

What will surprise you is that, I loved MoS because I think that Superman is WAY easier to relate to. Although he is an alien from space who gains super powers from the rays of a yellow sun, I can feel what Goyer did for the character throughout the film. When his father, Pa' Kent, constantly told Clark not to help, it was more of a metaphor for how we as regular humans, even though we can't do anything, we still sometimes struggle with the feeling that we could have had control over things in our lives that are simply out of our hands. This is proven when Clark could have saved his dad from the tornado, but didn't because he was told not to. He felt the same helplessness we as humans feel when catastrophe's like that happen in real life. What about the scene where he does save the bus full of children, just image a situation like that, where everyone is helpless, how many of us would not wish at that very moment, for the strength to kick that door open and lift the bus to safety. Unfortunately, reality tells us that we can't. That's why when Mr. Kent was basically scolding Clark for saving those kids, we all told ourselves "Don't listen to him! I would have done the same thing!" THAT is being relatable! Being a playboy billionaire vigilante with no superpowers doesn't make you believable. Even when he killed General Zod, he showed how human he really is, just like we all do when we know we made a mistake, or when we are forced to do something that we truly don't want to do because we know it is wrong; he immediately regrets having to do it.

The things that past directors and screen writers have failed to show with Superman films (including the Christopher Reeves films) is how he actually struggles with his abilities (which was actually very well shown in Man of Steel and even Smallville). We would think it would be easy for someone with powers to be a force for good, but think about how hard it must be for this character to fight off a superiority complex. If mere political power, or economical, or even a position in control such as a manager at a local McDonald's can corrupt, image how hard it must be for this character to walk a narrow line, between 'protector' and 'god'.

The game INJUSTICE: GODS AMONG US, really shows how he could easily slip to a dark path, controlling the human populace with an iron fist. In this game it shows how instead of helping the humans, he has now turned to dictate their fate. Even when being confronted about his actions, he refers us as children.

"Disobedient children will be punished."
"Disobedient children will be punished."

We all know how it feels to fight off the "Evil" within us, even though the right thing to do isn't always the easy thing to do, we all know what we MUST do. We all know the hardships we face and the struggles we must live through, although Superman CAN do something, it doesn't always mean he should, and it reflects our INABILITY to do something. That is why I believe Superman is more relate-able and down to earth than Batman.

In the end it will come down to everyone arguing that Superman is too perfect, or refer to him as the 'Big Blue Boyscout'. To that I say, That's what makes him so great, we don't think about his emotional/ everyday hardships that he goes through; yet he still always manages to do what's right! That's what makes him the best! He is the hero everyone aspires to be! That is why I am and will always be TEAM SUPERMAN!

So tell me your thoughts, I'm no psych major or anything, so tell me what goes through his mind in your opinion, or what is going through yours. Sound off in the comments!!!


What team are you?


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