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Scrolling through my Facebook page, I came across an IMDb post with the poster for Rosemary's Baby. So I just thought I would quickly write up my thoughts on the poster.

What I love

First things first, the most noticeably aspect of the poster (personally) is Rosemary herself with the pram. I love that the pram is an homage to the original pram and takes center poster like the original did to but I also like the addition of Rosemary standing there. Her slightly darkened red dress is a great little allusion to not only the horror of the series but the aspects of satanism in the story.

The setting, being the couples new apartment, is also nicely hinted at. By appearing in front of the window we know that the place is new, being that there is no furniture surrounding them either, but also the rather large window is some what symbolic to the size of the situation she finds herself in.

At this point I will apologize for my links with symbolism and what I interpret that to mean. When doing my AS in Media Studies we had to look at symbolic imagery and how symbolism is important but also a great tactic to create mystery. So I am sorry if I over do it!

Also, way in the background we can see the blurry Eiffel Tower which nicely tells the audience that there will be a change of setting. I am looking forward tot he change of setting actually because, not only do I love Paris itself, but by changing the location the creators show that they aren't afraid to make it their own interpretation of the text.

The bit of sunlight is also a nice touch because it sort of touches on the saying that a child is 'A little ray of sunshine' and those familiar with the original film and book, this one certainly is not! That little bit of light surrounded by the much more prominent darkness beautifully encapsulates the overall atmosphere of the story and the tone it will take. The title is in the same font as the original which is also a nice homage to the original.

What I dislike

The only thing I dislike on the poster is that tagline 'Fear is born'. To me it sounds a bit too cheesy supernatural horror film and not mysterious enough like the original 'It's not what you're expecting'. I also don't like it because the birth of the baby is not actually an important part of the film or story. Its the before and after that is what was important.

So besides the cheesy tagline, the poster itself I love and makes me want to watch it even more than I did; which is quite a lot.


So what do you think of the poster?


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