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Matthew Surprenant

Marvel and Fox have announced they’ll be releasing a “mystery movie” on July 13, 2018. Of course, that’s a ways away. We can, however, deduct what it’ll be. They’ve already slated a Fantastic Four reboot for 2015 with plans to do a second by 2017, which makes it an unlikely candidate for the mystery movie. Even Wolverine’s next flick is set for 2017, making it a year filled with comic goodness. The most logical answer is it’ll be another X-Men feature. Days of Future Past hit theatres in 2014 and Apocalypse in planned for a 2016 release. With a steady goal of releasing an X-Men film every 2 years, we can bank on the follow-up being right around the time of the mystery movie. If that’s not in, then we’ll be in for a bigger deluge of comic-based films than expected!

Do you have any other ideas what the mystery movie may be? Stingray or Captain Ultra will see a feature film of their own? :-P


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