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Amy Surprenant

Some shows, despite critical acclaim, are in line to get cut after the current season is done. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the big ones.

1.) Almost Human:

Sorry, Abrams, but your magic didn’t cut it this time. Since November, the viewership of this show has dropped from 9.18 million viewers to just over 5 million. While these numbers aren’t awful, the only way the show could continue is with some budget cuts. Abrams may do well with films, but his television shows seem to get less and less attention as the world grows immune to his convoluted stylings. Fringe, one of his best shows, only got half a fifth season, as to give the plot at least some rushed closure.

2.) The Mentalist:

After six seasons, this one just isn’t hanging on. It’s renewal index is a mere 0.72. Season 1 averaged about 15 million viewers per episode and now it’s down to 9. Yes, it’s strong compared to Almost Human, but it’s on CBS and not Fox. If it pulls in a big crowd for the finale, it just might get another season. Still, when shows like Hannibal are on the slab with mediocre launches, they may just trim the weakest link and keep shows that aren’t living up to expectations regardless.

3.) The Carrie Diaries:

Just kiss this one goodbye. Seriously, it’s a prequel series to Sex and the City. Season 1 barely pulled a million viewers per episode and it’s down to 700,000. With numbers like those, it’s a shock it even got through the first season without being cancelled.


Which show do you want to see be kept?


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