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Now, you may be thinking, a second Haunting in Connecticut movie, how is that possible. Well, this movie actually surprised me quite a bit. When I was surfing the Netflix one day, I came upon this movie. As bored as I was, I decided why not, it will probably be just another sequel to a previously successful horror movie that is less than efficiently made. But as I watched this film, I was surprised how developed and thoroughly thought out the story line was. What also came as a surprise was the fairly descent acting in it. Movies like Quarantine 2 and Poltergeist 2 and 3 were sad excuses to share a title with there amazing predecessors and were definitely less than satisfactory. But this movie, The Haunting in Connecticut 2, showed that good sequels to horror movies still exist today. This movie, starring Abigail Spencer and Chad Michael Murray, displayed, as I said earlier, fairly good acting, a developed story line, and fantastic costume design. The main antagonist in the film, the stationmaster, really gave me the chills when his character was first revealed.

The terrifying face of the stationmaster
The terrifying face of the stationmaster

In summary, the story line goes that a young couple accompanied by their young daughter and the wife's sister move to a cabin in the country of Georgia. It is a slightly run down cabin and a trailer is near by that homes the wife's sister. But they find out that their new home used to be the site of a stationmasters checkpoint on the underground railroad during times of slavery. Soon, the daughter begins acting very weird talking to a so called "imaginary" figure named Mr. Gordy. As the story develops more on, huge twists take place and the people change in dramatic ways. If you want to see the trailer, i'll post it below. I truly enjoyed this film and think you should give a try as well. There are of course a few tweaks wrong with it, as comes with every film made but this film was relatively good compared to other sequel movies.

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