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Now I do understand this website is about upcoming films, but I guess upcoming technology that helps enhance cinema in the future is acceptable......right?? Ehhh screw it, I'll do it anyways.

Now obviously throughout time, film has been changing in order to amaze, captivate, and entertain viewers. It has gone a long way. I mean back in the 1900s, film was just a way to make people believe that the director was a Jesus Christ for trapping people in a screen and making them move. Then short films with stories came in to play, then came feature length films, then sound, then actual dialogue you could hear from the character, then color, then 3D, and eventually CGI. Oh and some people might say that 4D should be on that list but I highly doubt that Simulation theme park rides and scratch and sniff cards given before the movie are groundbreaking. But still we have advanced pretty far, which begs the question; What's next?

Some people may say an improvement on something already groundbreaking like CGI or 3D, but I am talking about something different, something that will revolutionize film, something that will drive people to see a movie just because of that, but what will it be?

Could it be the adding of new dimensions? Like 5D and 6D. Yes those could be things...I think. I mean we know what 4D is with things such as your chair moving with the movie, or having a scratch and sniff. What about full immersion of oneself into a movie? That is where 5D and 6D steps in. Now I'm not an expert in the different dimensions when it comes to movies but, (if I'm wrong please comment what it is or what you think) I'm guessing 5D is the "full immersion" with different little tweaks like feeling the temperature rise and fall, seeing the characters as if they were right in front of you and feeling there emotions. 6D would be all of what a 5D is, but also feeling stuff that hit you like rain or breezes, not to mention you could form a conversation with the characters that would literally put you "in the movie". Imagine doing this with a slasher movie?!? Im probably not the only one who has thought about it, but quite a lot of people have not pointed it out. Does film only stop at 4 dimensions? Now 5D and 6D are pretty cool concepts, they probably won't come out for a while so you can't really say this will be the "next" groundbreaking technology but it would certainly be groundbreaking if it happens. Lets just hope that the future inventors don't make it too real just in case hormonal teenage boys walk into the theater.

Maybe Interactivity is the next big thing in movies. What if movies become not just one story with one outcome you have to see, but you could see a story you want to see and have an outcome based on the various choices you make. Now as I typed that, I realized that I basically described a video game, but still it would be awesome to see Scarlett Johansson to show her boo-..... I mean funky fresh moves on a dance floor hehehe....... yeah thats it, her dance moves.

Maybe the next big thing is something thats already in the works. You know how I said 4D wasn't groundbreaking, well it could be in the future with improvement. That isn't cheating because I said Improvement on something "already" groundbreaking doesn't count. Anyways 4D could probably be the next big thing. If you look back on CGI and 3D they all started off small. Did you know that 3D technology was available in the late 1920s??? In order to create something groundbreaking you have to start of with prototypes. 3D took nearly a century to get decent. 3D used to be a way to just get more viewers, and drive up the price of the ticket, just because they want to have 3D next to the name. Just look at Jaws 3D! Ok maybe some movies today still do that but, when 3D is good, its pretty damn good. Probably that is what 4D is, just in the same boat as 3D was back in the 80s.

What do you guys think? Comment what you believe might be the next groundbreaking thing in Film.


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