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In upcoming blockbuster [X-Men: Days Of Future Past](movie:203942) we've seen the cast and the crew and we've seen the Magneto in his classic comic book look (below). The question remains: will we be seeing wolverine in his classic blue-yellow or orange-red comic book costume?


A cut scene from the movie The Wolverine (the scene was not in the actual release) revealed the Yukio gave gift box to Wolverine which contains the classic mask of wolverine costume.(Image below)

the deleted scene
the deleted scene

Wolverine director James Mangold said "I made it up on set. Honestly, first of all, I kept hearing and seeing from fans who were just begging to see this wardrobe, and I kept thinking as we were shooting, “How can I do this? How could I ever service this desire for people to see it?” And there was a point where I just asked the prop department to make me a gift box. So when I did that scene on the plane with Yukio, with Rila and Hugh, I had no costume. The studio hadn’t approved of making one or doing anything, but I thought, “Let’s just shoot a couple takes where he opens the box and reacts to it, and I can figure out what to put inside the box later.” There was just a point later in the cutting room where I put it together, and I thought, “It’s kinda sweet.”

This is just a sign that Mangold is really appreciating the costume onscreen.He said that the scene was cut because it did'nt mesh with upcoming film X-men: Days of Future Past where he does'nt wear it .So yeah we could expect to see it in Wolverine 3.Do you think thats a good idea to put the classic comic book costume of wolverine in the film?leave the comments below.


wolverine in classic comic book costume is a good idea?


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