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With the announcement of [Captain America 3](movie:994409) last week, Marvel has 4 officially announced movies: [Guardians of the Galaxy](movie:424073), [The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](movie:293035), [Ant-Man](movie:9048) and obviously, Captain America 3. Also, Kevin Feige said a few weeks ago that the marvel universe has been planned till 2021 when fourth installment of Avengers will release. But what does DC have? Only the sequel to Man of Steel and that too without an official title. Here is a good suggested lineup of movies for DC with the probability of introducing many characters.

1. Man of Steel sequel (2016) The only official and announced movie releasing on May 6, 2016. For the first time, Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman come together to give the much wanted treat to DC fans and shall become the biggest success for DC ever. Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill and Gal Gadot reprise the roles of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman respectively. Also, there are rumors about the appearance of Flash, Nightwing and Green Lantern (John Stewart). I wish them luck.

2. Justice League (2017) Although Flash was supposed to come after Man of steel sequel but newer reports suggest that Justice League is likely to release after the Man of Steel sequel. Man of Steel sequel and this rumored film will be filmed back to back. Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and Flash are confirmed while [Aquaman](movie:264237), Cyborg, Martian Manhunter and Green Lantern(Hal Jordan orJohn Stewart, I don't care) are expected to be seen. Darkseid may be the villain this time.

3. New Batman Movie (2018) After the Justice League movie, there should be a solo Batman movie with inclusion of Robin(Tim Drake), Batgirl(Barbara Gordon) and Nightwing(Dick Grayson). Every DC fan knows that Warner Bros can't resist without releasing a Batman movie within a gap of 3-4 years and it will not be just to deprive Ben Affleck of starring in a Batman film.

4. Flash (2018) Two movies should release in 2018 to compete with Marvel and this movie can be a turning point for DC Cinematic Universe. The origins of Flash(Barry Allen) and a prologue for the [Justice League](movie:401267) sequel should be explored. Also, there should be a special role for Green Lantern or Green Arrow and it will be great if it will be Stephen Amell. The film was rumored to release in 2016 but it didn't happen so better late than never. Something DC fans have wanted for decades. Also, the pilot of the CW [The Flash](movie:15273) series may come by May or June this year and if it works, then won't be surprised to see Grant Gustin starring in the film. Moreover, it is better to have Wally West as the Flash to avoid confusion and add some comic scenes. Flashpoint storyline is not bad either.

5. Wonder Woman (2019) The last movie before Justice League sequel with a cameo of [Batman vs. Superman](movie:711870). She is one of the most well-known and desirable female superheroes and so needs a solo film. We should get to see the Amazon island and a deeper view into her origin.

6. Justice League sequel (2019) A justice league movie with an extended team and a stable of 10-15 popular villains will be a spectacle and may become the most expensive movie ever with a budget of over $300 million. It will be the greatest superhero movie ever with a length of 3 hrs. The trailer will definitely get popular and we shall get the entertainment we wanted for years.

7. Back to back Aquaman movies (2020) Yeah, it should happen even if Aquaman is not a popular character in DC but is still powerful and scenes of Atlantis will be a new experience for the fans. I prefer Leonardo DiCaprio as Aquaman/Arthur Curry to make the movie stronger. Presence of Aqualad will be appreciated and a collaboration with Batman in the second movie. Maybe it is better to have another dual Superhero film like Man of Steel sequel than a stand-alone sequel.

8. Green Lantern Corps. (2020) Third and the DC biggest movie of 2020. You thought I missed Green Lantern? Why juggling between Hal Jordan and John Stewart if we can have about 8-9 of them in one movie? No one has ever thought of it. Having Hal, John, Guy Gardener, Kilowog and Kyle Renner in 1 movie would be mind blowing. It would be nothing less than a Justice League sequel. So, there will be no problem having Ryan Reynolds back as Hal Jordan as there will be other human green lanterns sharing limelight.

9. Extreme Justice (2021) I read the Extreme Justice comics and I think it is better to have a new superhero organisation. The team led by Captain Atom has Blue Beetle(Ted Kord), Booster Gold, Firestorm, Maxima and Amazing-man. It may be a gamble against 4th Avengers film releasing in the same year but still there would be tough competition.

10. 2nd Superman/Batman/Wonder Woman teamup (2021) This time Superman and Batman have developed distances but join forces(including sidekicks) to save Wonder Woman trapped and endlessly fighting with a villain in an unknown place in outer space. A long post credit scene shows the destruction of Justice League on Earth while they are away.

11. Justice League 3 (2022) The universe should not end but it can be a great movie to end the epic with. After the destruction of Justice League, the remaining members fight to punish the evil. The age of the actors matters so it is better to end it this way. Some may criticize this but a new universe for movies can be made after another 2 years.


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