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Piracy. It's a touchy subject for a lot of people. Some people believe that what they are doing is fine, it doesn't hurt the artists what so ever. That it's their right to blatantly steal from someone and watch or listen to what they download.

Others would sooner go to their local video or cd store and pay for their favorite artists material and be done with it.

Personally, I have downloaded things before. I can admit it. Am I proud of it? Not really. But I am guilty as charged and will accept my sentence. Have I done it lately? No. Will I do it again. Another emphatic NO!!!!

This subject is always up for debate. Is it stealing? Hell yes!!! Is it a punishable offense? Yes. Is it fair to do this to someone that has put their heart and soul into a project for your benefit? No. Not at all.

I used this example before, but, let's say you're a carpenter, and you build someone a house to their correct satisfaction, and they are happy with it. But they refuse to pay you for your services rendered. Would you not be pissed at them, and seek your money one way or another?

After listening to writers and directors talk about how they feel ripped off by the bit-torrent world, I have come to an understanding with them. That it's nothing more than thievery. Stealing. Would you steal a candy bar from a store? No. Why? Because you could get caught. You don't think that you can get caught downloading a movie or two, or an album. You are wrong.

Back in 2008 I received an e-mail from one of the big studios informing me that they knew I had downloaded a movie that they produced. In short, the e mail said "We're pissed, and you owe us money,"

It may have just been a scare tactic, but it was enough to freak me out. I erased the contents of my hard-drive and never downloaded anything again.

I was guilty, I knew it. But no charges ever came of the incident. And I was pretty damn happy about it. Just the thought of going to jail for that had me imagining how my "What are you in for?" conversation would have went. I probably would've got laughed at by the hardened criminals, and then beaten for being a pussy.

When you download, say a movie, off of the internet, you could be disabling the maker of said movie from ever making another project again. Studios are interested in making their money back, as are independent film-makers. Not everyone in the movie industry is made of money. Not everyone is Steven Spielberg or Brangelina.

If an indie film-maker makes their money back, they're happy. If they turn a profit. They jump for joy and do a little happy dance. And move on to the next project.

Now, granted, some film-makers make their product available for the public on line, with such formats as youtube. I've seen several movies on youtube. Is that pirating? No. Because the creator of the product is the person posting it. Quite a few filmmakers are doing this to get their product out there.

"The Orphan Killer" for example. I seen it on youtube the first time I watched it. Now i don't know if Matt Farnsworth, creator/director and star of the movie put it on there or not. But he advertises it's availability on Twitter, so he at least knows about it. I liked it and found a copy of it to purchase. So I still contributed to the artist by purchasing the finished product.

This subject is a tough one. But, myself, am on the side of the writers, directors and studios who work their asses off to bring us a movie that we like and who, quite frankly, deserve to get paid.

Agree with me or not. This is just my opinion on a subject that many are probably going to disagree with me on. If you have an opinion, please share it with me below


Do you think downloading is okay?


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