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With Ghostbusters 3 looking like it could be coming out of production hell with writer/directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller being courted to direct the feature, it begs the question: Who will play the new Ghostbusters?

As of now Bill Murray will not return, or if he does it will be in a very small role, Dan Aykroyd will come back gladly and with the death of Harold Ramis, it seems like the original cast may be moving out of the way for a new crop to take the reigns.

With Lord and Miller possibly taking the helm, this opens up the possibility of a very fun and wild return for the franchise. They have already proved to be the re-boot experts after producing three widely successful films out of ideas that many didn't see to be very promising ideas (other than The Lego Movie, which I'm sure people would've still went to regardless).

So who are some names to take over for the Ghostbusters? Let me start with a Lord and Miller staple.

Jonah Hill in the Aykroyd role

Hill has a relationship with Lord and Miller after starring in "21 Jump Street" and doing a small voice role in "The Lego Movie" so it wouldn't be out of the realm of possibility that they would look to him for a role in Ghostbusters.

Hill would be perfect in the Aykroyd role because of his loveable goofiness and the fact that he has played that hilarious, somewhat nerd character in movies like "21 Jump Street" and "Superbad." In both of those movies, he has shown that he can keep audiences laughing with his jokes but also play the more relatable and straight or nice guy role that Aykroyd was like in the first two movies.

He has been linked to the movie lately as development has started to pick up and has been said to be a big fan of the original movies. While he has begun to become a player in the Oscar field, it has been seen in the past that Hill loves going back to an old-fashioned comedy, especially one worked on by Phil Lord and Christopher Miller.

Other possibilities: Jason Bateman

The other person I could see in the role would be Jason Bateman only because of his track record with playing that hilarious straight man role. While I think Hill would fit better into the context of Ghostbusters, Bateman would be a fine replacement and be able to bring the same amount of laughs through his nice guy routine.

Bill Hader in the Ramis role

The late Harold Ramis gave us the brains of the Ghostbusters in his role as Dr. Egon Spengler but made him not only the smarts of the operation but also someone who could be painfully funny. The name that instantly came to mind when thinking of someone who could be similar to that was Bill Hader.

Hader has an amazing range when it comes to comedy, playing many different types of characters on "SNL" as well as in films. He does have a connection with Lord and Miller as he was the lead in their first feature film, "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs." In the Ramis role, Hader could bring the smarts and wit to the film but also make us laugh much like Flint Lockwood did.

While there hasn't been any link to Hader and Ghostbusters 3, it wouldn't be out of the realm of possibility due to his connection with the directors and how well he fits the role. Hader is versatile and would have the ability to create a fantastic character in the veign of Ramis' role in the first two movies.

Other possibilities: Charlie Day

Looking at Day's role in "Pacific Rim" is what made me think of him for the Ramis type role in this. He also has shown to be a hilarious scene-stealer, much like in "Pacific Rim," and has been in "The Lego Movie" for Lord and Miller.

Jason Sudekis in the Murray role

This was the toughest one to think of. Murray is one of a kind and played that fine line between deadpan and more outrageous comedy perfectly. While I am not behind this pick as much as I am the other ones, I could still see him being able to create a fun character.

Jason Sudekis doesn't have a connection yet to Lord and Miller but has the deadpan style of comedy that could work in the Murray-type role. He also does well as the more flirtatious character (a la Murray in the first movie) and could be the character that has the love interest.

As I mentioned, Sudekis doesn't have a connection with Lord and Miller but that doesn't mean he has to be counted out. He has been successful lately with his movies "Horrible Bosses" and "We're the Millers" being box office hits. He could be looking to make a name in a franchise and while this is technically a franchise that has already been established, it still has the prospects to be all its own.

Other possibilities: Chris Pratt

Pratt was Lord and Miller's lead in "The Lego Movie" and has been an actor that is linked to everything right now. The reason I went with Sudekis over him is that Pratt's humor style isn't as close to Murray's as Sudekis' was. Pratt seems to be more of a goofball and I felt that Murray is more restrained in Ghostbusters. Now if they remake Caddyshack, I could totally see Pratt playing Carl Spackler.


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